‘Learning For Life’

Class 1

    Miss Johnson                  Mrs Bailey                  Mrs Veale

Welcome to Year Two

The emphasis in Year Two is to follow the Key Stage One Curriculum, which focuses on the development of the individual child and provides high quality learning opportunities for the children to learn through play. The children are able to explore, take risks, have fun, form friendships, think critically and form their own ideas.

As part of our theme Hidden Heroes, the children will be exploring those people that help us, from police officers, fire fighters and doctors, to the road sweepers and food banks. To enhance our learning we will be having some of our local community visit school to talk more about the job they do. Alongside our local heroes, we will be learning about Florence Nightingale and the impact that she still has on nursing and hospitals today.

Pizza making in DT

Class 1 had a fantastic time making healthy pizzas in DT. They were amazing at using the knives to cut up the vegetables into small, neat pieces. Everyone also had a go at grating cheese with the grater. We finished off by having a tasting session and everyone thoroughly enjoyed eating their healthy pizza.


First Aid training


Class 1 worked incredibly hard during their First Aid training. They learned a range of skills including CPR, the recovery position and applying bandages. The children very carefully completed the recovery position and practised doing it on each other. They worked hard doing CPR on mannequins and were surprised by how hard they needed to press.


Sewing skills

Class 1 have been working extremely hard on their sewing skills this week. First we learned how to tie a double knot. This was very fiddly! Then we had to really concentrate to get the thread through the needle. We have learned three types of stitches: running stitch, blanket stitch and a cross stitch.We also learned how to attach a button. This will help us when we make our hand puppets. 

Ambulance service

We were visited by the Ambulance service this week. Class 1 asked lots of interesting questions and learned a lot about being a paramedic. In the morning two paramedics came and allowed the class to try on the uniform. The children were surprised with how heavy the helmets were! In the afternoon we headed outside to see the ambulance. The children got to sit inside and even got bandaged up!


Class 1 have been learning a song about Florence Nightingale. We have added in actions which has helped us to learn the words. This song has taught us about the amazing nurses who helped the sick soldiers.