‘Learning for Life.’

Attendance and Term Time Leave

Please complete the term time leave form below to request leave of absence in term time. At least 20 days notice is required. The form should be handed in to the school office. You may find the information useful in the policy below. Thank you.

Term Time Leave Policy – revised Oct18

Request for Exceptional Term Time Leave – Stocksbridge Family of Schools

Every Minute Counts

Lateness = Lost Learning

The figures below are calculated over a school year.

5 minutes late each day 3 days lost!
10 minutes late each day 6.5 days lost!
15 minutes late each day 10 days lost!
20 minutes late each day 13 days lost!
30 minutes late each day 19 days lost!

Every School Day Counts

365 days in a year 190 school days Absence
100% attendance 190 days attendance 0
95% attendance 180 days attendance 2 weeks absence
90% attendance 171 days attendance 4 weeks absence
85% attendance 161 days attendance 6 weeks absence
80% attendance 152 days attendance more than half a term
75% attendance 143 days attendance 9 + weeks absence