‘Learning for Life.’


RE Leaflet

Over Foundation Stage (FS), in RE, the children will:

In FS Religious Education is taught as part of the specific area ‘Understanding the World’.

Children will listen to and talk about stories.

Be introduced to subject specific words and use all their senses to explore beliefs, practices, and forms of expression.

Use their imagination and curiosity to develop their appreciation of and wonder at the world in which they live.

By the end of Foundation Stage a child who is attaining typically will be able to:

Listen with enjoyment to stories, songs and poems from different communities and traditions and respond with relevant comments, questions or actions.

They can answer ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions about their experiences in response to stories, experiences or events from different traditions and communities.

They talk about how they and others show feelings.

They develop their own narratives in relation to stories they hear from different communities.


Over Key Stage One (KS1), in RE, the children will:

Develop their knowledge and understanding of religions and world views.

Raise questions and begin to express their own views in response to material they learn about.

Hear, retell and suggest meanings to some religious and moral stories.

Recognise some different symbols and actions which express a community’s way of life.

By the end of KS1 a child who is attaining typically will be able to:


Recall facts from Christianity and Islam, including festivals, worship, rituals and ways of life, in order to find out the meanings behind them.


Explore questions about belonging, meaning and truth so that they can express their own ideas and opinions in response using words, music, art or poetry.


Think of ideas to examples of co-operation between people who are different.


Know about right and wrong and begin to express their ideas and opinions in response.