‘Learning for Life.’

We asked, you said, we did…

Your Feedback and evaluations

At one of our recent parents evening sessions we asked our Chair of Governors, Mrs Kath Clark to carry out a short survey to seek your views on the quality of the service we provide. This is what you felt in general:

  • communication through the use of parentmail/newsletters/website is VERY effective and that we give you ideas about how to support your child’s learning at home
  • you feel very involved in the decision making of the school e.g when we altered the start time and end time of the school day
  • you feel that the level of homework is pitched at the right level and you are well informed about how to support your child at home
  • you feel welcome when you come into school and when you support/volunteer with school activities
  • you feel that we use the community well through visits to the local library, walks around the local area and visits to the local church
  • you feel happy to approach adults in school if needed
  • you feel well informed.

You would like more information on the following:

  • more specific info e.g. maths

Thank you for this very positive feedback which has already been discussed at our recent LPPA Working Party group. We have already begun to add the weekly teaching focus for maths on the weekly newsletter in KS1. Reception children receive regular homework ideas and activity guides. Your feedback will also be discussed at future staff meetings and governors meetings. Keep checking the website and newsletters coming home!