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Work Experience


Are you looking to gain experience of working in an educational setting?


At Peak Edge, we believe every young person has the right to an excellent education, to feel safe and enjoy stimulating learning that inspires them. Everyone involved with Peak Edge subscribes to the same core values and moral purpose. This helps us to best support each other and help our adults to develop alongside our young people.

As part of this approach, we offer placements and work experiences that can provide you with an opportunity to acquire the general skills, training, knowledge, and work habits necessary to obtain employment in an educational setting. This booklet will provide you with information about the different opportunities that you can access in Peak Edge schools whether you are looking for work experience while attending a Secondary School or seeking to broaden your knowledge as an adult who is looking for employment or further training. Schools can offer a host of varied and fulfilling roles to cater for all personalities and interests. No two days are ever the same here at Peak Edge. Take a leap of faith and be part of our team. Peak Edge is based in North West Sheffield and was established in 2019 as a partnership between like-minded partner schools with excellence at the heart of all that we do.

Placements and Work Experience Application Form

Placements and Work Experience Booklet

Please note, we are unable to accommodate any more work experience placements during 8-12 July 2024.

If you would like to apply for some work experience, please complete the above application form and return it to: